Pride Buttons

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get your own pride themed buttons!

hand pressed 1.25″ holographic pin buttons. choose from a variety of options!

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1a not a girl (nonbinary), 1b not a boy (nonbinary), 2a not a girl (agender), 2b not a boy (agender), 3a not a girl (transgender), 3b not a boy (transgender), 4 all I want to do is kiss girls, 5 queer (green), 6 queer (blue), 7 queer (purple), 8 queer (pink), 9 colorado pride, 10 be gay be feral paw, 11 fuck you I'm queer, 12 anti-terf club, 13 ally, 14 HRT saves lives (plain), 15 HRT saves lives (trans), 16 pride mountains, 17 be gay do crimes, 18 trans rights are human rights, 19 always queer always tired


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